We are a gospel-centered church praying and working toward a culture of grace:

Wondering: Scripture awakens us to the beauty of creation and the thrill of life, which point to the unending perfections of God. 

Praying: We gladly depend upon God in every situation, asking boldly for his help in all of life.

Listening: We treasure Holy Scripture, holding it front and center in corporate worship and in our lives, acknowledging that the word of God is nourishing water.

Giving: All we have is from God, and of his own we give to him in order to spread the Gospel, build Christ’s Church, and love our neighbors. Christ freely laid down his life, and we in turn seek to give freely.

Resting: We see rest as a crucial signpost of faith. We are able to truly rest because we know the God who is vigilant and sufficient even when we are not.

Feasting: We feast together at the Lord’s Table and in our homes, remembering that Jesus has redeemed all of life.

Neighboring: We live on mission, practicing the love of Jesus with our neighbors.  



Biblical: We believe that Scripture is true in all that it teaches and implies, and we submit to it as our authority for all of life.

Missional: We say yes to Jesus's commission and seek to love our neighbors as ourselves. 

Orthodox: We love creativity, but when it comes to our beliefs, we’re not creative at all. We simply affirm the Great Tradition of Historic Christianity: The Apostles' CreedThe Nicene Creed, and The Athanasian Creed. When it comes to worship and theology, we are standing on the shoulders of 2 millennia of Christians.